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Dr. Steven Zodkoy is an expert of "untreatable cases". With over 30 years experience, he is an Author, Speaker, Double board Certified Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, and Co-Founder of the Resiliency Program

About Dr. Steven Zodkoy

A Leader in Healthcare for over 30 years

Dr. Steven Zodkoy's focus is on maximizing mental and physical function for improved health and productivity through organic means. His Resiliency Program presented to The Pentagon lead to the creation of one of the largest alternative medical programs to treat anxiety, burnout, and PTSD for veterans. The Resiliency Program has been adapted for government agencies, corporations, and the general public.

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The Resiliency Program leverages technology to address Burnout Syndrome

The Resiliency Program improves the performance and happiness of the engaged individuals through the power of resilience. Our company culture offers a positive, team-based, fast-paced environment that’s grounded in the values we promote.

Our goal is a more productive and happier community.

About the Resiliency Program
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"I believe that there are no untreatable patients, just untried treatments" 

Dr. Steven Zodkoy

"Anyone interested in finding or regaining health must read this book. Misdiagnosed: The Adrenal Fatigue Link is an inspiration!" 

Aubry Tager, DC, CAFNI, BCIM


In the Media

Let's Talk about Burnout

Dr. Steven Zodkoy appears on BrainTap radio with host, Dr. Patrick Porter to discuss “burnout,” formerly known as adrenal fatigue, which is an abnormal cortisol response to stress and anxiety that results in a physical manifestation of symptoms. Listen to this podcast and many other presentations as Dr. Steven Zodkoy discuses all the factors to address to help you improve burnout and PTSD.

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BrainTap Radio with Patrick Porter Podcast

What People are Saying

"As a mother of eight and a U.S. Marine, I have seen much across the physical and emotional spectrum. Of all that I have accomplished, one of the most significant would be to get you to trust what Dr. Zodkoy tells you. This is not a theory. I have experienced and seen the life-hanging results time and again. Don't wonder if it works; it does. It is transformational. Dont wait" 

- Brigadier General Marcela Monahan, USMC

“This book is for anyone serious about embracing a natural approach to an improved life—at any age.”

- Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestseller & Co-author of The Passion Test

"Get inspired to make good choices and live more healthfully, vibrantly, and youthfully with the tips and advice that Dr. Steven Zodkoy offers n his new book, Misdiagnosed: The Adrenal Fatigue Link"

Sammy Pyon, DC

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