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A technology platform that addresses the reality of workplace burnout with an insightful, thoughtful, and a scientific approach.

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Our Story

Resiliency program was developed by Dr. Steven Zodkoy for the US Military to improve the performance and endurance of active duty USMC personnel. Dr. Zodkoy has now adapted the Resiliency program for the corporate sector and the general public. The Program is one of the first Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) in the United States. As a PBC we state upfront and foremost that our mission is to improve the health and productivity of our participants, our community, and our corporate partners.

The Resiliency Program is a union between two leaders in their prospective fields. Dr. Steven Zodkoy has been at the forefront of maximizing physical and mental performance through natural methodologies. Vikas Gupta has advanced the use of technology to improve the personal satisfaction of users.

The Resiliency Program has been utilized at the Pentagon, The War Related Illness and Injury Study Centers, and across the globe. Its efficacy has been acknowledged at the highest level of the military.

The Solution


The Resiliency Program is the only technology Platform specifically built to measure, analyze and create a resiliency plan to decrease burnout syndrome and drive a culture of well-being. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solution helps achieve resiliency amongst employees, their families, and organizations to provide a positive ROI.

Four Fundamental Resiliency Factors

Dr. Steven Zodkoy’s research of 30 years revealed that human productivity and happiness correlate strongly with four fundamental resiliency factors: Enthusiasm, Fatigue, Motivation, and Negativity. The assessment measures these four factors to get an accurate evaluation of your burnout.
Resiliency Program severe burnout measure
For the Individual

Measure and evaluate resilience to create a personalized resilience plan


Enthusiasm, Fatigue, Motivation, and Negativity are measured using the personalized Resiliency Assessment resulting in a personalized resilience plan that includes Lifestyle Changes, Nutritional Supplements, and Mindfulness Training
For your organization

Evaluate organizational resilience and access actionable resiliency insights

Gather relevant analytics and gain insights on factors such as; Assignments & Workload, Autonomy & Control, Satisfaction & Reward, Team Culture, Equality & Fairness, Goals & Values and Remote Work
Resiliency program insight factors
The Resiliency Burnout Assessment

We begin with

The Resiliency Assessment


The Burnout Assessment helps you identify areas of improvement through its interactive scoring system. You will receive personalized recommendations based on your unique results. Once you complete the assessment, you will instantly see the scores, insights, and a resiliency plan created by our proprietary algorithm.


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Reduce organizational costs by re-engaging employees for increased productivity and decreased sick days, employee turnover, on-the-job injuries, and negative attitudes

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